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Thinking of doing Commisions. Mar. 12th, 2007 @ 02:58 am
Hey guys, I don't post here much because I really don't give a crud about posting events in my life, but this is such a major one that I guess I gotta put it down somewhere. Lately I've been feeling rather...like the artist I always wanted to be. Anyone who wants some artwork feel free to say something to me or Lillian, I won't charge all that much, just a few bucks, I'm doing it mostly so I have some goals for my art. So get some ideas of things you would like me to draw! I'm also thinking of painting something to show off at the Sake Bar in Orlando, it's a really big deal for me, so give me some prayers that my skills aren't just fluking me lately! Life is really at an exciting point for me right now! Thanks for all the encouragement everyone!

Sep. 15th, 2006 @ 05:23 pm
I'm so bored, I want a damn Nintendo Wii right NOW! Nov 19th!

where is comic 3? Jul. 23rd, 2006 @ 05:33 pm
well holy shit, am I ever late! Not only did I miss Dakker's birthday, but I missed getting comic 3 finished! Goddamn I am LATE! I need to get back on track. Must get back on track.

Jun. 22nd, 2006 @ 02:44 am
HalfAssed Solutions No.2: Shards of Compassion
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Jun. 22nd, 2006 @ 02:36 am
I'm using my livedrama account for my blog and a place to post the comics I make.

HalfAssed Solutions No.1: Hell of a Start.
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» (No Subject)
So it's been over a year since I posted in here, obviously I don't like Livedrama very much. I must say that the nintendo DS is the best friggen thing I've ever owned and I love all the stuff coming around the corner that I've seen from E3. This brings me to my gripe, G4. I FUCKING hate G4, I hope they all die (except Adam and Morgan). I keep hoping people will realize how stupid this network is and cancel their subscription to it. Last year, their E3 coverage was great, this year, it was absolutly horrible. They didn't show any press conferences, instead, they pissed away their E3 time by constantly doing the "feed", which is news that is weeks old about stupid celebrities and movies, that nobody fucking gives a shit about, BECAUSE THERE'S A FUCKING E3 GOING ON, YOU FUCKING DUMBASSES! And when they aren't being absolutly retarded and making stupid jokes, wasting more time, they are doing stupid skits which are totally irrelivent to ANYTHING, OR pluhhinh about their GOD AWEFUL programming (Attack of the show is the shittiest shit that was ever shit out of a butt, and they must have talked about it for a good 15 minutes, then talked about how Filter has some new ditz hosting it instead of the awesome Diane Mizota, who was ACTUALLY a geek like us), THEN cut to a commercial like every goddamn minute. You damn bastards!! I SWEAR Tech TV will rise from the grave and stab all you over and over!!
» Sunday
Hey evewyone. I'm the Homestaw Wunnah, is'nt that gweat? *smacks self*

Anyways, today Lillian had her birthday party, I really wish I were there with her. I mailed her preasent the other day, I hope it gets there soon! Argh, I'm really getting down to the wire in school, C++ feels like either a hit or a miss at this point, I'm basically screwed if I don't pass the exam. Tommorow I gotta make my website presentation for Infamous Skateboards and Snowboards. Great guys, but they seem to have a problem with my love of DDR, awe well, I still like 'em and will probably buy everything there, provided I have some damn money to do so. It feels good to support independent business. They're putting a West49 in the mall, for those who don't know about West49, they're an evil Skateboard/Snowboard shop run by business suits rather then by Skaters/Boarders. Think of them as the Wallmart of the extreme sports world, fucking evil. I feel pretty responsible with this website to make it really awesome, I want people to shop at Infamous rather than that shitty fucking "zombie behind the desk" bullshit store. Our mall pisses me off too, the only reason I ever go is to see what they have in Spencer gifts and to play in the Arcade, fuck the stores, they're all "Hoochy-Gootchy clothing brands" stores, and they have this really fucking stupid store called "Hot Gossip", which is some wannabe Hot Topic for Canada, and it is fucking trash, nothing but colorful basic shirts that cost like 80 bucks, which is like 40 bucks American *snickers*.

I had another wonderful night with Lillian on the phone, I keep getting more and more anxious to meet her for the first time in person. We've been talking on the phone every night, sometimes over 4 hours a night, I really don't care to do anything else but talk to her, I need my Lill' Fill!! It feels so good to be needed, and I really feel like she depends on me and trusts me, which is also a wonderful feeling. God I love that girl.

I finished 2 new sketches last night, they're on my Deviant art page, which is on my little sidebar if anyone wants to check those out. I am bored STIFF, even though I have a mountain of work to do :P
» Boo I say.
Goddamn headache is driving me FUCKING NUTS. *holds head* Anyways, I'm sitting here in Databasing....*yawns*. Stupid shit anyways, she wants assignment 7 done by tommorow, why? She waits like a goddamn week to mark this crap. *grumbles* Sorry, I don't mean to give out a cranky assed journal entry.

Anyways, I gotta jet over to the hospital and ask to get a checkup, Lillian's worried I'm kinda underweight, since I eat like mad but never gain weight, hehe. God....I feel ill today, I hope nothing is wrong with me, I'm sure I'm fine.

I talked to Lillian late last night on the webcams. God she's so beautiful, how the hell did I get her again? I love the ways she looks at me when I play with her, and the way she gets all blushy when I compliment her, she's so cute. I love her!

Anyways, I got a quiz to deal with, so I guess I'll study quick.
» ick....
God I hate this shit, I got this fucking headache for like a week now and it's driving me insane. I guess it doesn't help that I'm not sleeping much and that I'm dealing with major assignments and exams in classes where I have no goddamn clue what's goin on. *Sighs* Thank God for Lillian, she's my only light most days. No matter how misserable I get, she always puts a smile on my face, and she always makes me feel so appreciated. It was fun staying up with her the other night, I was so worried about her, and it made her so happy. That felt pretty good, hehe. My roomates have been partying all the time, and I've been going friggen nuts with it, I'm sick of listening to a bunch of drunken idiots.

Anyways, I got an exam today that I havn't gotten a chance to study for, so I guess I better cram it fast.
» (No Subject)
Mine was purely just for the sake of being stupid hehe...

choose a band/artist and answer ONLY IN SONG LYRICS by that band

artist/band -

are you male or female -
"You're a very stupid guy, and you probably eat stupid pie."

describe yourself-
"I see you jocking me, acting like, you know me."

how do some people feel about you -
"Everyone who doesn't like me more than likely sucks real bad"

how do you feel about yourself -
"I can't beleive how awesome I am"

describe an ex girlfriend/boyfriend -
"The only thing wrong with you is everything"

describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend -
"Let's get started on doing all those awesome things I suggested" ((*nudges and winks at Lillian*))

describe where you want to be -
"I never said I wouldn't try to beat the crap out of you"

describe how you live -
"Burninating all the peasants"

describe how you love -
"makeouts" XD

share a few words of wisdom -
"This one time I saw homestar punching a kitten in the throat"
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